What Our Customers Say About Us

we have a myriad of clients spread all over the globe, and we had been serving them for several years now. With ever converting industry, the algorithms and the competition have modified extensively. however, we at Align connect, has always believed in maintaining our service as well as project management standard to the optimum.

My experience with Align Connect has been nothing but outstanding. I learned of Align Connect through a recommendation and I am glad to have worked with them on numerous projects. It is very efficient to work with each one of their team members. I am very pleased with the work. I choose Align Connect for a second project after seeing the work they did on my first project. Price are very competitive.

Himani Narayan

Owner at www.himanigroup.net

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Francis Reese

Melbourne, VIC

The Seo work done by team Align connect is excellent. team is very helpful and professional. work done by using them are very sorted because of the CRM tool. Mr. Pintu project manager is always available to solve my queries on time. The ranking of my website is also improving on a day by day basis.. i'm satisfied with the work and have become a lifetime customer for team Align connect.

Ravi Sharma


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Sonia Stephens

Toronto, Canada

Align is doing a great job to optimize our website. we're more than satisfied with Align's seo services. they are developing and upgrading our internet site and are promoting our business answer in search engines very effectively. In terms of their working style and their promt responses giving us credible back links for our website to improve Addverb's visibility in Google search rank. keep up the good work. we are looking ahead to such excellent paintings in future as well !!

Sonia Shekh


Thank you so much for helping me get via this project that at the beginning seemed so overwhelming and difficult. Your patience with me and short response time allowed me to get via this and am very happy with the end result.. i would be satisfied if you used me as a referral at any time. i hope to keep in contact and use your services with any future needs I may also have related to this website.

Sidharth Dave

President, Bull Market Promotions, LLC

"I have been satisfied with the service and excellent to work of Align Connect. They provided a very high standard of work for a very aggressive charge.. They have been also very easy to communicate with. i would definitely recommend them to everyone in search of a high quality and very reasonably priced service."

Preksha Patton

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Pete Hugh

Kansas City, MO