Telemarketing services

Telemarketing services

Our outbound services involve calling existing or prospective customers of a business. These calls are usually for the purpose of generating sales.


Outbound telemarketing services contain a business making calls to prospect, customers, informing them about the functions and benefits of a particular product or service. This requires convincing abilities, knowledge of the product or service and conviction.Octopus Tech gives outbound telemarketing services that deliver when wanted. Our team of dedicated and committed telemarketing dealers with extremely good conversation skills are targeted and target orientated in terms of achieving goals for our clients.


Inbound telemarketing is used for go-selling and up-promoting products and services to a business’s present customers. Here, instead of calling any client, customers call you for certain problems and you have to try to up sell. Octopus Tech gives cost-effective inbound telemarketing services that help your business grow its revenue with each call.


B2B telemarketing means where a business attempts to convert its business to business leads into customers. This sort of service takes relationship building and perseverance. it is a very crucial thing of business development.


B2C Telemarketing involves high call volumes and the expectation from it is high sales volume. As you at once attempt to sell to the end user, creating a positive interaction and having the confidence to present your product is a must. At Octopus Tech, we leverage our enjoy in income tactics to make every name remember to your enterprise and assist enhance your sale in line with call ratio.