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What is CRM Development/Software?

it is a system that enables an company/business to centralize their client data which may be successfully utilized by multiple divisions inside an company like sales, advertising, customer service and other help departments. It permits multiple divisions to share data, coordinate better and create synergy as a way to improve customer service and sales.

CRM gadget tracks client conduct, hobbies and necessities in-intensity and enables you to adapt your advertising campaigns accordingly and it also tracks the customers’ product utilization styles and lets you offer custom services.

In short, an powerful CRM device utilized by an efficient team results in better client relationships, high client satisfaction, boom in client loyalty, repeat purchases, decrease in client turnover and overall advertising and marketing costs.


CRM Software Development Services

CRM software (customer relationship management) software program is an extensive solution that permits an company in development by way of maintaining the records of the clients maximum competently while capturing all publish and pre-sale force connections of the customer. The CRM software contains of a complete functionality that caters to all company requirements for retaining customer support and loyalty. Our CRM solutions are distinctive through that specialize in strategically noteworthy markets/customers without taking the entire group into concern.

Our CRM solutions are high-quality through focusing on intentionally important markets/customers without taking the whole pool into attention.


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Our CRM Development Services

Align Connect is the best CRM Development Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India). Our Company provides the best CRM Development Services. We have qualified and experienced CRM developers which provide creative software as per the latest trends. We provide fast service at an affordable price.

With expertise in custom software development, we will create a feature-rich CRM application on your company. Our team has experience in building CRM applications for BPOs and company.

Based for your requirements, we are able to identify the best open source solution for you after which configure and customize it in your needs. Our team has knowledge in creating many CRM solutions using opensource CRM solutions such as SugarCRM.

If you have already implemented a CRM solution and need to customize it in your company's precise needs, we can help. Our technical know-how covering multiple operating systems, programming languages, utility servers, and database management systems enables us come up with customized solutions.

In case you need to upgrade to a more modern version or any other CRM software, our group can allow clean transition with none lack of information and productiveness. we will build the upgrade and test it earlier than enforcing it in your system to minimize downtime.


We help you layout an green and effective consumer courting control plan that aligns perfectly together with your company dreams and maximizes your go back on investment. We help you come up with an powerful CRM vision and roadmap and help with industrial company system evaluation, cloud feasibility evaluation, product selection, and mobility and social media services.

We help you pick out the CRM answer that best fits your company’s requirements and seamlessly integrate it together with your existing company architecture to enhance your business manner performance. We assist with product customization, product configuration, integration, records control, and cellular enablement.


We can help you transform your legacy CRM system as a way to deliver current and cutting-edge customer experiences. we can help with managing your legacy CRM applications, migrating your on-premise CRM device to the cloud, and upgrading your current cutting CRM.


We can extend the functionality of your CRM software to address your particular business issues. we will help with 1/3-party UI mashups, internet portal integration, customer data hubs, and social mobility integrations.


We offer a host of maintenance and assist services that you can leverage to make sure short and efficient CRM adoption and sustained aggressive advantage.

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